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We are a group of local people and organisations who for three years have been working to build a plan for Kilburn that has widespread support in the area from residents, businesses, community groups and Councillors.
Our focus so far has been on improving the High Road and the commercials streets around it. But that isn’t fixed in stone and we want to hear everybody’s views.


So far we have got the Kilburn Neighbourhood Area and the Forum itself accredited by Government and the two Boroughs – Brent and Camden.

Click here to see the map of our area.

But that is just the start.
Now we have got to build support for a clear idea of what we want Kilburn to be in the future – and so far we have got plenty of good ideas but no agreed vision. That is our priority for 2018 and 2019.

Who organises Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Forum?

The Forum is managed by a Committee and led by its Officers, at the moment:

– Co-Chairs : David Kaye (Brent), Ajay Kumble (Camden)
– Treasurer : Lloyd Fothergill
The committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting in November 2017.

New elections are held every year.

Please get in touch through this website, through our Facebook page or here if you are interested in getting involved, and/or if you want to give us an early indication of what you see as the key issues in developing Kilburn in Camden & Brent as a thriving community.

For a fuller explanation of what Neighbourhood Planning is all about and how together we can shape the future for Kilburn click

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