New Application for redevelopment of 289 Kilburn High Road (The Good Ship Site)

Please take 5 minutes to comment on the NEW redevelopment application for the Good Ship Site. Comments can be made until 19/09/2018. The proposed development would see 9 new flats and importantly the creation of an A4 (drinking establishment) at Ground and Lower ground levels, though the suitability to maintain live entertainment is questionable due to the proposed layout and significant reduction of surface at ground floor level. Please look at the plans and make your voice heard!

Application for redevelopment of 289 Kilburn High Road (The Good Ship Site)

Full redevelopment of the site with addition of residential units and creation of ground and basement levels D1 (medical use) unit. The Commercial unit that was trading as a pub and Music/Comedy Venue (the Good Ship) until October 2017 would become a medical facility. Please read the Planning Design and access statement and comment on the application.

This application has been refused. See news flash.


Application for change of use 271-273 Kilburn High Road  – change from restaurant to medical use

The empty ground floor unit at 271-273 Kilburn High Road is requesting a change of use from A3 (restaurant) to D1 medical use. This is right next to the Tricycle Theatre. While the application seeks a change of use to D1 Medical use, once a building as a D1 use, any D1 activity could take place. There is a already a Medical centre next door. Please let us have your thoughts or comment directly on the planning application 18/0164  –  go to that application on Brent’s site.

Deadline for comments 26th April.

Application to Change use of Chapel A (easterly building) from D1 to Sui Generis – undertakers’ mortuary.

“There are plans to re-open the chapels in the Paddington Old Cemetery. The “None Believers Chapel” would house mortuary services, while the other chapels would be put back into use. Please let us have your views and comment on the application 18/1170 | Change of use of Chapel A (easterly building) from D1 to Sui Generis – undertakers’ mortuary. | Cemetery Chapels, Will”

Go to Brent Planning site

Deadline for comments 10th May.

Application to change public phone boxes on Kilburn High Road (Camden side)

A study by KNPF Committee Member Agnes Peyser explains what is proposed and KNPF objections – follow this link
To monitor the planning applications themselves follow these links – comments now closed:
Application 2018/0863/P
Application 2018/0900/P
Application 2018/0876/P
Application 2018/0901/P


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Brent linkIn Brent the situation is different. We need to renew the search terms regularly. As of June 2018, follow this link.
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