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This is a Camden-wide initiative. This new evening and night-time strategy will cover the whole of Kilburn on both sides of the High Road. The Kilburn workshop is designed to focus on the two Council issues, and make that the core part of the work.

Camden Community Events – Tuesday 15th November, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Kiln Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR

Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum designation

We have formally applied to the London Boroughs of Brent and Camden to be formally re-designated as a neighbourhood forum. We (the Forum) was designated in 2016. We must now re-apply after five years in operation to continue to be formally designated for a further five years. 

The Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum will be able to continue the preparation of a neighbourhood plan in our area if both Councils approve the application. 

We are seeking views and comments on the application from residents and other interested stakeholders.

The application shows the Neighbourhood Area in our Forum have applied to use their neighbourhood planning powers. Representations should consider whether the Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum is appropriate to be re-designated. 

Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum Application.pdf(810.7 KB)

Kilburn Neighbourhood Area Map.pdf(1.7 MB)


Kilburn Brent (for those who live, work and do business To respond to the consultation please send your comments to: or to Paul Lewin, Planning Policy Team Leader, Brent Civic Centre, Engineer’s Way, Wembley, HA9 0FJ. They must be received by the Council by 5pm on 17 December 2021.

Kilburn Camden (for those who live, work and do business)

Any comments should relate to whether the Forum should be designated as a neighbourhood forum for another five years.

A copy of the application can be viewed at the following location:

Kilburn Library, 12 -22 Kilburn High Road, NW6 5UH. Opening hours: Mon – Thurs: 10am – 7pm, Fri: 10am – 5pm, Sat: 11am – 5pm, Sun – closed.

Comments must be received on or before 17th December 2021. You can send your comments by :

AGM 2021

Kilburn Square Development Updatelatest expansion plans

Six new buildings CLICK on the interactive map above for a bigger picture. (opens in new window) :
– one facing Victoria Road
– one on the corner of Victoria Road and Algernon Road
– two on Brondesbury Road
– two further towards the centre of the estate, including a new tower block
– a new access path/driveway to serve the buildings on Victoria Road (in yellow on the map)
– the design and layout of the remaining green spaces would change
[map source-google maps
research and map plotting-Stephane G ]

……..clearly a major redevelopment, although it doesn’t look as if any of the residential blocks would be affected, nor the commercial frontage on Kilburn High Road.

-Stephane Goldstein. Consultant [Research]

Tri-Borough Consultation

Lower Kilburn High Road

Click on the image to submit your comments. Closes 1 Feb 2021
Opened 18 Jan 2021

Together, London Borough of Camden, London Borough of Brent and City of Westminster are proposing changes to the ‘lower’ end of Kilburn High Road. It is just the first phase in a much bigger project to transform the whole of Kilburn High Road over the next two years, to make it a safer and more welcoming town centre. 
To consult more widely, with local residents and businesses on this initial phase, covering the section of Kilburn High Road from West End Lane to Greville Place. 
The proposed changes include:
Extending bus lanes and standardising bus lane hours
–Changing a zebra crossing to a signalised pedestrian crossing
–Adding more trees
–Widening the pavement 
–Providing more informal crossing points and a central island
–Adding new cycle lanes and longer Advanced Stop Lines

Kilburn Square Development – the scheme has been amended!

Comment on 20/0812 |[click on this link] Extension at ground and first floor levels to shopping precinct at Kilburn Square with refurbishments, new café bar and public realm improvements and ancillary works | Kilburn square & markets, 110-118 Kilburn Square and 103-107, 109-119 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 ( by December 18th Deadline

A significant development impacting the Future of the High Road

Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum have been on the case since the objections and comments went in – around July.

What’s changed:

  • Retail units re-designed, glass frontage divided with stone and brickwork and an architrave to blend in with the mixed facades along the High Road – see Elevations docs and Context doc (illustrating neighbouring facades)
  • Landscape Strategy and Plan – improved public realm aims to create people’s space/square with paving and street design, planters etc
  • Café on bridge has access from High Road
  • Market – removable fencing – allowing for additional daily stalls for visiting markets, events etc
  • Change of use – mixed use to encourage arts, business and flexi-use

What’s limiting:

  • Market has not been redesigned – but can be opened up in the daytime
  • Kilburn Housing Estate proposals for redeveloping the inner square sometime in the next year not joined-up?

* ——————————–*——————————-*——————————–*

———————the proposal submitted in July 2020 is below—————————

Kilburn Square Planning Application Proposal

The new Planning Application fails to meet any of the objectives as suggested in The Guiding Principles Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Research and Appraisal document ‘A Framework for Guiding the Next Steps’.

Click here for more details….

‘ A Statement of Community Involvement has not been completed as such. Kilburn Square is an important local landmark and considered as a Town Centre by the local population. Therefore, we would like to see happen, a wider consultation with local residents from Brent Council on this proposed planning application for Kilburn Square & Markets on Kilburn High Road.’

co-Chairs – D Kaye & A Kumble

Click here for more details and to comment on this proposal

Click on the link to access the online planning application

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Click on the image or on the link below to access support from your respective Council.

Support for local residents, workers and businesses during the pandemic

Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Visioning Document

What is Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Visioning Document?

This Visioning Document is an area-wide visioning study for Kilburn; providing the background to the forthcoming ‘Vision’ for the Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Area. The output is therefore an area-wide and locally specific set of issues, organised against a series of themes, that could form the basis of future spatial, social and design policies in the Neighbourhood Plan. – AECOM
(Please click on the download button below for a full final copy (40mb). Print is set to A3 paper size (size A4 x 2)

Consultation is go

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We have been given the go ahead to begin the consultation process with our community. Consultation on our Neighbourhood Plan will start soon. Who do we consult? We will consult with the residents, workers, students and volunteers within the Kilburn neighbourhood plan area. Consultation dates: TBA

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Night time economy in Kilburn

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Kilburn is a priority town centre for Brent & Camden for boosting its economic fortunes. The draft action plan sets out how this can be achieved and an insight into creating a vibrant and varied evening economy that draws in Londoners from across the capital without putting pressure on Kilburn neighbourhoods. This night time economy should offer an affordable, accessible and be inclusive and set within a safe environment. Click here to read & comment on the action planDownload The Kilburn Night Time Economy Action Plan.pdf About...

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Brent Place Plan- Have your say until 8th January

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Brent are consulting on a draft place plan. A place plan defines development strategies for the next 10 years and thus your input is very valuable and important. The place plan addresses Kilburn from page 156 of “preferred options plan” document. Please read the document and fill in the survey. Clich here for the details.  

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New Planning Application for demolition of the Good Ship Site

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Please take 5 minutes to comment on the NEW redevelopment application for the Good Ship Site. Comments can be made until 19/09/2018. The proposed development would see 9 new flats and importantly the creation of an A4 (drinking establishment) at Ground and Lower ground levels, though the suitability to maintain live entertainment is questionable due to the proposed layout and significant reduction of surface at ground floor level. Please look at the plans and make your voice heard!...

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Brent blocks redevelopment of the Good Ship site at 289 Kilburn High Road

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Brent have refused planning permission for the redevelopment of the Good Ship site at 289 Kilburn High Road. Please find more information on the reasons for refusal here and the decision notice here. Kilburn Forum objected. Please click here to read our objection...

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Brondes Age redevelopment plans rejected by Camden

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Camden Council refuse planning permission for the proposed redevelopment of the Brondes Age Site at 328 E-H Kilburn High Road. Planning permission number...

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GDPR- Please subscribe to our mailing list- IMPORTANT

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We have sent an email to our current mailing list recipients, explaining that the new GDPR rules require you to subscribe to our new mailing list. We have been informed that some of our mails have been treated as SPAM. Please subscribe to our mailing list to be kept informed about our work. We only require your email and names, but would also welcome your address details. Please click here. Thank...

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The Good Ship Site 289 Kilburn High Road up for redevelopment

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On the 09/05/2018 we received notification that KHR Properties Limited want to redevelop the Good Ship site (289 Kilburn High Road) into residential units and a D1 facility at Ground and Basement levels. The Good Ship closed in October 2017 and was the last live music and entertainment venue in the Kilburn High Road. It hosted Comedy, live bands (Adele performed there when she started) and community nights. The venue was very much valued by locals and external visitors alike. John McCooke, its  previous owner, reports on the reasons for...

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NEWS FLASH – Tricycle Theatre re-opening

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We welcome the return of the Tricycle Theatre under its new name Kiln Theatre. This is a major cultural attraction in our neighbourhood. We wish the team success in the redesigned venue. Go to Kiln Theatre...

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Brent Town Centre Consultation- IMPORTANT to make your views known

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Brent have extended their deadline to respond to a consultation about their high Streets and that includes Kilburn – until 2019 While this is currently being undertaken without any input from the Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Forum, we urge you to add your feelings about our High Street. You can do that now until 2019 and we will ask Brent to supply us with the details of your comments. You can comment even if you are not a Brent resident. Have your say now Read about the consultation here   Brent Council want to understand your views...

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