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This proposal violates the principles behind the emerging Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan. The Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Visioning Document August 2019

The Guiding Principles suggested:

in the We Made That (2016) Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Research and Appraisal document as a ‘Framework for Guiding the Next Steps’ of the process include:
1. Celebrate architectural heritage
2. Upgrade public space
3. Champion local assets
4. Strengthen local character areas
5. Enhance open spaces
6. Support the leisure economy.

‘The scheme is so cheap, boxlike and architecturally undistinguished that it cannot provide any satisfactory focal point.  And it leaves very little space for meeting, spontaneous gatherings, canvassing , preaching  and general animation appropriate to a public square.’

-Paul Shultz co-Chair, Brondesbury Residents And Tenants (BRAT)

This anonymous building (pictured above) , is completely out of character & not complimenting the local heritage architecture along this well established High Road (formerly Watling Street) and its core commercial area. It would tragically fail to improve the Square so that it became a positive representative of Kilburn as it had been in the 1960s, before the present commercial centre was imposed on the area.

Further, according to the Kilburn Square Timeline set out on page 21 of the  Visioning Document :

2018/19 Allocation BSESA 20: Kilburn Square in draft Brent local plan. ” The allocation states that a new public square and modern market facility will create a focal point both for the site and Kilburn High Road.”
….discusses improvements to Kilburn Square and stresses the “opportunity to develop (it) with modern marketing community public area”… And to “redesign the market and open up the space to attract the public to this natural meeting place”. Redevelopment of the market would support Kilburn’s role and function as a major centre while enhancing the area’s reputation as a market destination.”

on Page 41 the Document of the KNP Visioning Doc

points out that Brent Draft Historic Environment Place Making Strategy stresses that “an early understanding of the character and significance of the historic environment prevents conflicts and maximises the contribution historic assets can make to future economic growth and community well-being.”

KNPF‘s affiliated organisations BRAT & BEST (in Kilburn Ward of Brent) with local TRA’s & Community Organisations therefore strongly call for this proposal to be rejected.

Brent Kilburn-BRAT-Brondesbury Residents And Tenants
Brent Kilburn-BEST-Brent Eleven Street Tenants
Camden Kilburn – TRA’s & Community Organisations

The new Neighbourhood Plan will seek to make Kilburn attractive to visit, and shop and live in again; this scheme would be a disastrously missed opportunity to contribute to that long overdue improvement.”

-KNPF Committee

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