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On the 09/05/2018 we received notification that KHR Properties Limited want to redevelop the Good Ship site (289 Kilburn High Road) into residential units and a D1 facility at Ground and Basement levels.

The Good Ship closed in October 2017 and was the last live music and entertainment venue in the Kilburn High Road. It hosted Comedy, live bands (Adele performed there when she started) and community nights. The venue was very much valued by locals and external visitors alike.

John McCooke, its  previous owner, reports on the reasons for closing the Good Ship in this article. This is an interesting read as it highlights some of the issues our High Road confronts. The Camden New Journal reported on the same subject this week as well ( The Kilburn Times reported in September 2017 on the closure and it even made the news in the Evening Standard and Time Out.

We do urge you to comment on the Planning Application. You will need a Brent account that Camden residents as well as Brent residents can create. The main documents to inform your comments are the planning and design statement, existing frontage and proposed frontage.

We also welcome any comment you do have and want to share to inform our response as the Kilburn Neighbourhood Plan Forum to the same application.

This is the objection we sent.

objection good ship site