A History of Kilburn-Wide Initiatives

Kilburn Partnerships

Kilburn falls under the two boroughs of Brent and Camden, and the High Road is the boundary. We are at a distance from the Wembley Town Hall (now the new Civic Centre) and the Camden Headquarters in Kings Cross.

When Brent and Camden launch initiatives or commit to major spending it often feels like Kilburn has not always been their priority. However some cross-Borough initiatives have been launched with varying degrees of success.
People have formed many Partnerships in Kilburn, engaging council officers, police, business, residents associations and voluntary and community groups together with ward councillors from both Boroughs.

A chronicle of cross-Borough initiatives, campaigns and funded programmes


1998 Kilburn and Paddington SRB (Single Regeneration Budget) – funding community and voluntary sector projects linking Kilburn into Westminster with joint training and employment projects (eg LEAP)

1998 – 2005 New Commitment to Kilburn SRB – forming the Kilburn Partnership with representation from residents and community groups on both sides of the High Road.

2003 – 2008 Kilburn Gaumont State – campaign to save Kilburn’s grand iconic building, owned by Mecca and (partially) used for bingo, and aim to buy the building – eventually sold to Ruach Ministries with a commitment to give 8 hours for community use – not yet being honoured.

2009 – 12 Kilburn Business Partnership, focusing on business networking and events and generating a unified High Rd policing team which reduced crime on and around the High Road.

2009 Love Your High Street – Kilburn High Rd was one of seven shopping streets supported by Camden’s marketing and promotion project

2013 Payday Loans campaign against the incredible growth of Pay Day Loans shops (12 at the time) and to establish alternative financial support and debt management advice through a credit union.

August 2012 – Glenda Jackson hosted a Kilburn residents meeting with Brent and Camden Council Leaders (Cllrs Mo Butt and Sarah Hayward) to identify opportunities to revitalise the High Road.

2013 -14 Learning from Kilburn Project – a tiny experimental university concerned with the study of Kilburn through classes held in local venues and directed by Tom Keeley of Spacemakers.

April 2013 – Brent Connects Kilburn and Kensal Joint Forum Meeting with Camden in the Kilburn State.

137 residents turned out to voice their views in a joint consultation on Kilburn High Road. A panel chaired by Cllr James Denselow, made up of a Local Government Association representative, local councillors and a resident, launched the debate supporting the revitalisation of the High Road.

2014 Taste of Kilburn – Food Festival and Website – Brent Ward Working funded a business networking scheme