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To ensure that the Forum is properly set up and that both the Forum and the Neighbourhood Plan it produces are representative of its local community, the legislation lays out a process that must be followed.

A Roadmap for the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan can be found here .

So far KNPF have completed a number of the required steps. We have:-

  • Created an Organising Group of interested stakeholders
  • Established a Steering Group with Terms of Reference and elected Officers
  • Obtained modest funding for communication expenses and support from a specialised consultant
  • Defined the proposed boundaries of the Neighbourhood
  • Consulted locally to confirm support for these boundaries
  • Applied to the relevant Local Authorities (LAs) to become formally “designated” as a Neighbourhood Forum.

We were designated by both Brent and Camden Councils in autumn 2016.



Now we have to go to the next stage. We need to:-

  • Seek the views of local residents, workers, businesses etc on planning issues, objectives and potential action strategies
  • Prepare a draft Plan, consult widely and finalise the Plan document for review by Camden and Brent Councils and an independent examiner
  • Camden and Brent Councils approve the Plan and they hold a local Referendum to validate it.
  • If we achieve all that, the Plan becomes a legally binding document!


If you want to learn more about how Neighbourhood Forums and Neighbourhood Plans work, click here for a plain-English summary of the 2011 Localism Act, or here for the Localism Act in full.

A new round of funding and support for Neighbourhood Forums has just been announced – for four years up to 2022. For details go to My Community/Locality here.