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Members meeting hears the facts about Kilburn

Agnes Peyser presented a profile of Kilburn by numbers at the members meeting this week  27th March 2018.

Her conclusions are that Kilburn:

  • Is a densely populated area but excellent public transport accessibility =>
    scope for more residential spaces?
  • Has a population of small households (1 person), great majority between 24
    and 49 years old, large proportion of none religious persons => need
    for none religious meeting spaces?
  • Has a better then average educated population with better than average
    jobs => diversify shop/leisure offering?
  • Has very few jobs in area => protect/ create more jobs?
  • Deprivation does exist but within normal levels for London
  • Most people do not own or use a car for travel to work
    – => importance to create a pleasant walking environment? Car free


If you could not attend the members meeting on the 27/03/2018, please click here to see the presentation that highlights surprising numbers about our area based on the 2011 census.